Sunday, August 5, 2007

bleach spattered leaf shirt

This is kind of a cool idea. I don't see this in a t shirt though. I see this is a long flowing skirt made of comfortabel T shirt or sweatshirt fabric. Maybe pieced together pieces of different sweatshirts for something a bit warmer.

You'll need:

* bleach in a spray bottle
* leaves
* dark colored T-shirt
* large bucket of cool water
* newspaper

Put the newspaper in between the layers of the T-shirt. Spread your leaves out on the front of the T-shirt. Be creative!

Spray the front of the t shirt with bleach. Try and spray as evenly as possible, covering both the leaves and the empty areas.

Allow the bleach to stay on for about 5 minutes. You'll will start to see the color of the shirt fade.

Rinse the shirt in the bucket of cool water. Rinse it well to get out the bleach. You're all done!

I imagine you could create a more complicated pattern and a more in depth design using bleach water of different strengths, waiting different amounts of time, and doing several layers of design. You would have to allow the shirt to dry between each application.

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