Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crafting when times are hard

When times get tough our hobbies often have to take a budget cut. Other things are more important than keeping hands busy after all. But there are easy ways to get cheap craft supplies.

Paper and card

Newspaper offcuts: A great place to get plain paper, particularly for kids crafts and drawing is a newspaper office. Our local newspaper has always had huge rolls of plain white paper available for around $10 - $15, that is a roll that is over a metre wide and 30cm in diameter. I believe it was over 100 metres of paper. Scrapbooking paper and card: If you are finding the scrapbook stores too expensive try looking in newsagents, office supply stores and department stores for paper and card.

Garage Sales

Fabric and wool: Second hand clothes found in opportunity shops and flea markets can often be a great source of fabric when you don’t need large amounts. Used knitwear is great for small amounts of wool for wool crafts. Leather: Look out for old handbags, belts and leather jackets for leather scraps and fittings. i have some leather topped tables that with leather from a 2 dollar used coat. Beading: Old jewelery bought for nickels and dimes can be easily taken apart and made into something new.

Mosaic Second hand stores and garage sales are often a great source of plates that can be broken for use in mosaics.

Nature Mother Nature has an endless bounty of craft supplies for free. Plus you get fresh air and exercise while you are beach combing, walking or fossicking. Shells, sand, driftwood, seedpods, pebbles, leaves and grasses are but a few things that can be used in many crafts.

Wood Sometimes small timber stores or hardware shops have a bin of offcuts that could fit many uses. Salvage yards and secondhand stores can be another source of wood and old furniture that may be able to be recycled too. Another excellent source is construction sites. You would be amazed at how much wood modern construction jut throws away.

Making your own Some of the things we use in crafts can be made instead of purchased. For example decent paper glue can be made with cornflour, beads can be made with salt dough and there are ways to make stencils and stamps yourself too. You can even make your own paints and wallpaper paste. There are recipes for these things all over the internet.

Theres no reason why harder times have to be boring.

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