Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fall Mini Pumpkin Wreath

I ran across tis really nifty fall decorating idea today. This might seem a little expensive. After all those little pumpkins are usually a dollar a piece. But if you plan ahead in the spring you will find you have an abundance of those little pumpkins. For some reason those tiny little pumpkin vines seem to produce and produce and produce. When you finish with your mini pumpkins this year set them aside somewhere and let them get mushy and decay (it can take a while. Once they reach this nasty stage take them outside and cut them open with a knife (this will stink) and remove the seeds. Wash the nasty stuff off of them and let them dry and store them for spring planting. I do this with the mini lumina (white) pumpkins and the tiger stripe pumpkins also.

Holiday mini pumpkin wreath craft pieces


* Twig wreath form
* Mini pumpkins to cover the form
* Hot-glue gun
* Floral Wire
* Black Pipe Cleaner
* Black ribbon (grosgrain, satin, or raffia)
* Plastic Spiders


1. Start with an 18-inch twig wreath. You'll want to find one that has a fairly flat top section, so there's enough surface for the glue to secure the pumpkins. This size wreath took 13 pumpkins, but when you buy your materials at a craft store, be sure to lay out pumpkins around the wreath to see how many will fit.
2. Once your arrangement is set, start gluing each pumpkin in place and let it dry. We're gluing ours on so each one touches the next, but at the top we left about a 6-inch space for our bow.
3. Little plastic spiders are a fun addition as well. Just dot the legs with a bit of hot glue and set down on one of the pumpkins for a spooky Halloween touch.
4. Finally, you'll need a bow and I've got a great simple technique for that. You'll need to find wired ribbon in a 2 or 3 inch width. The wire helps you arrange the bow and the streamers easily and will help too, if you keep the bow from year to year -- you can just fluff it out as needed.
5. Lay a 24" strip of ribbon down on the table. Now, take about a 36" piece and leave a 15 inch streamer. Begin to loop the ribbon from side to side, beginning with smaller loops, gradually making the loops wider. End up with another 15 inch streamer. Lay down a black pipe cleaner or a 12" length of floral wire. Now you can pick up the ends of the 24" strip and knot it securely around all of the loops and the wire. There's your bow!
6. Use the wire to attach the bow to the wreath, or if you wish you can hot glue it onto the front. I know you -- and your guests -- will enjoy seeing this wreath. Happy Halloween!


SingForHim @ Real Life said...

I never knew that growing those little pumpkins was so easy. I love them. Thanks for the tip.

therapydoc said...

That is so cool.