Saturday, August 4, 2007

Glittering Candles

Crafter and demonstrator Vivian Peritts show how to turn ordinary candles into spectacular works of art, using glitter glue.


Low-temperature glue gun
Rubber hot-glue pads
Glitter glue
Candles of any color
Gold or silver foil
Star hole punch
White glue

  1. Drizzle gold hot glitter glue around a candle in a swirling motion. Turn the candle as you drizzle. With a red candle and gold glitter glue, the effect is beautiful (figure A).

  2. Try drizzling silver glitter glue over a blue candle. After the hot glue has dried, wrap silver hologram foil onto the candle over the glue, and press it to release the foil. Peel the foil away from the paper backing. If the glue is too warm, the foil will pull the glue off the candle (figure B).

  3. Add stars to the candle. Place a piece of gold foil shiny side down on top of a glue pad. Squeeze a puddle of glitter glue onto the pad. Place another pad over the glue and press, flattening the glue. Peel away the upper pad. Let the glitter glue dry, and remove the foil. Use a star hole punch to punch stars from the glue. With a toothpick and white glue, attach the stars to the side of the candle (figure C).


    • Keep in mind that glitter glue sticks tend to clog a glue gun. Be prepared to waste an entire clear glue stick to push the glitter glue through the gun, or purchase an inexpensive glue gun to use only for colored or glitter glue.

    • Glitter glue sticks are available in craft stores only during the Christmas season.

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