Wednesday, August 29, 2007


There not just for scaring away birds anymore. I once picked up a book at the library about scarecrows and noticed as i sifted through them were not just cute figures made of stuffed clothes, some of them were kind of frightening on there own. The books writer showed a foggy field in the morning filled with scarecrows. They looked like Zombies stumbling through the field.

Step One
Cut a 10-foot bamboo pole into two pieces, one 4 feet long and the other 6 feet long.
Step Two
Place the 4-foot section across the 6-foot piece, 1 foot down from the top.
Step Three
Wire the two pieces together with floral wire, twine or raffia.
Step Four
Place an old shirt on the short cross-piece of the frame and button the shirt in front.
Step Five
Stuff the shirt loosely with straw, dry leaves or rags.
Step Six
Place gloves at the end of the "arms" and secure them with rubber bands.
Step Seven
Pull one leg of a pair of trousers onto the long bamboo pole. The other leg will hang freely.
Step Eight
Tuck the stuffed shirt into the waist of the trousers.
Step Nine
Secure the waist of the trousers to the pole with a rope or belt, tying the belt or rope to the cross-piece if necessary to keep the pants from falling down.
Step Ten
Stuff the pants with the stuffing material of your choice.
Step Eleven
Make a head for your scarecrow by stuffing straw into a pillowcase. Tie the pillowcase opening onto the top of the long stake with rope.
Step Twelve
Draw a face with felt-tip pens, or glue on buttons for eyes and yarn for a mouth.
Step Thirteen
Stick the scarecrow in the ground or tie it securely in another location

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