Sunday, September 16, 2007

Halloween Costumes

Nobody ever comments no this blog, lol.

Are you starting to think about Halloween Costumes for your kids yet? I am. I hate paying 50 to 60 dollars for store bought costumes for the kids. Last year we were extremely broke and we raided the closets and made our own costumes. Mouse went as Hermione from the Harry Potter Series. I had a long black ritual cloak that she wore. We ratted her hair and she carried books and a backpack and had them put the candy in her backpack.

Coyote went as Gandolf. He wore my green bathrobe and he made a staff from a tree branch he found in the woods. His dad drilled a hole in the end of it and we put a "crystall ball" in the end by using a hollow glass Christmas tree ornament from the Christmas ornaments.
We put glitter in it to make it more magical.

There are an endless amount of websites out there with ideas for making costumes.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Another pillow, A felted one this time

This pattern is a felted pillow. I like this pattern but not these colors. I can see this done in fall colors. The pattern is and this is another one by Lionbrand and you can find it here.

I've given up

I have given up on the Swirl Sweater and unraveled the whole thing. I was nearing finishing once again and it was much much smaller than what the pattern indicated. I sent an email to the designer and received no explanation so I found a new pattern. Its a Cowl neck sweater. I love those! Its also a free crochet pattern. No Knitting. I know how to Knit but I don't have any knitting Needles as of yet. I'm using the same warm peach color that I bought for the Swirl Sweater.

I have a color picked out for Mouse when I finish this one and I was going to do it in a Bernet pattern. its essentially a simple button front sweater with crotched fur around the cuffs and V neck collar but if she likes this one when its finished I might make her this one instead. If the pattern works out for me and I'm not sick of making it when I'm done I may make several of these in different colors. I love cowl neck sweaters.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Popcorn Pillow

Here is a popcorn pillow pattern I found on Craft Yarn Council of America. I love popcorn pillows ans afghans and sweaters and things like that. Popcorn is sooo easy.

Neck Pillow

This next pattern is by Priscilla Hewitt and this may end up being my next project. I have problems with my neck and I have found that I have trouble laying in bed or on the couch and trying to complete any of my projects or even watch TV without triggering a migraine headache. I usually end up rolling up a dish towel or something and putting it under my neck for support. This pillow would be much nicer though, especially if made out of some soft chenille yarn.

Basketweave Pillows

Ok so I'm into pillows today. Here are two lovely basket weave patterns. The basket weave design is actually very very simple. I just completed a beautiful basket weave afghan out of red heart sunlight yarn. I haven't had a chance to post a picture of it yet. Its really pretty and the kids and my husband are always fighting over it. The cat Snowy goes looking for it when he decides he wants to take a nap.

The pattern is found on Coats and Clark and is free. Once again its way to long to post the whole thing so here is a link to it.

Chunky Colorful Pillow

This beautiful pillow pattern can be found on Crochet me and was designed by Julie Holezt. Its made using blended wool on one side and recycled silk yarn on the other side. I haven't seen any yarn in Hobby Lobby made from recycled silk, but I can definitly see this beautiful pillow being made with some other kind of chunk hand spun looking yarn.

The yarn is handspun in Nepal using fiber remnants from garments like the beautiful, colorful, luxurious saris worn by women throughout South Asia . The colors in each skein are hand twisted into a thick and thin yarn at random, so no two skeins are alike.

The pattern is to long to put into one post so here I the link to it.