Sunday, September 16, 2007

Halloween Costumes

Nobody ever comments no this blog, lol.

Are you starting to think about Halloween Costumes for your kids yet? I am. I hate paying 50 to 60 dollars for store bought costumes for the kids. Last year we were extremely broke and we raided the closets and made our own costumes. Mouse went as Hermione from the Harry Potter Series. I had a long black ritual cloak that she wore. We ratted her hair and she carried books and a backpack and had them put the candy in her backpack.

Coyote went as Gandolf. He wore my green bathrobe and he made a staff from a tree branch he found in the woods. His dad drilled a hole in the end of it and we put a "crystall ball" in the end by using a hollow glass Christmas tree ornament from the Christmas ornaments.
We put glitter in it to make it more magical.

There are an endless amount of websites out there with ideas for making costumes.

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