Monday, September 10, 2007

I've given up

I have given up on the Swirl Sweater and unraveled the whole thing. I was nearing finishing once again and it was much much smaller than what the pattern indicated. I sent an email to the designer and received no explanation so I found a new pattern. Its a Cowl neck sweater. I love those! Its also a free crochet pattern. No Knitting. I know how to Knit but I don't have any knitting Needles as of yet. I'm using the same warm peach color that I bought for the Swirl Sweater.

I have a color picked out for Mouse when I finish this one and I was going to do it in a Bernet pattern. its essentially a simple button front sweater with crotched fur around the cuffs and V neck collar but if she likes this one when its finished I might make her this one instead. If the pattern works out for me and I'm not sick of making it when I'm done I may make several of these in different colors. I love cowl neck sweaters.

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