Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A review of eyelash yarn.

My step daughter and I can wear the same size shoes so we often trade off when one has a pair that matches something we are wearing. Yesterday was no expection as I slipped on her blue flip flops with white polka dots to go with the shirt I was wearing. Unfortunately I broke them and this was the last pair of summer shoes she had left (the dog chewed up all of the others).

So we were off to hobby lobby to find her a pair of flip flops. I decided to treat her and do something creative. She picked out a pair of black ones and some bright pink eyelash yard which I crocheted around the straps when we got home making those cute little fuzzy flip flops. They looked kind of like fuzzy pink house slippers but she loved them. I tried to get her to get something other than pink. Maybe a multi colored eyelash yard but she insisted on pink. I was surprised at just how much yarn was in that roll when I got it home and started rolling it into a ball. It just seemed to go on forever. Now that the flip flops are finished I have plans for a bun cover a pony tail holder and a headband. I played with it a little bit this morning. its very slick and difficult to work with because you can't really see the loops that well through all of the fur. its practically a guessing game working with it. I can see why it would only be suitable for small non complicated projects.

I did run across a knitted afghan pattern this morning that was very striking but it didn't appear to be exactly the same stuff. This had a kind of a woolen look to it.

I imagine if you were going to use this yarn for a project it was designed for you might want to use a larger hook or needle than called for because the yarn is so small. If this was a wearable project it wouldn't make a difference because of the way the stuff crochets. Its designed to be furry therefore all of the little furry things tend to fill up the holes.

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