Wednesday, October 3, 2007

An update on the cowl neck.

Image of Side-To-Side Cowl Neck Sweater I've been working on this pattern for about six weeks using plain old cheap red heart yarn in peach. Its a pretty simply pattern to do. I guess I was feel fat when I started this because I made the extra large and its way way to big for me. I was temped to give it to my sister until I realized how easy it would be just to unravel 1 sleeve and about 9 inches of the body (thats how big it was on me). I'm not going to start that just yet though. I'm kind of tired of looking at peach at the moment so I went ahead and bought the yarn to make the same sweater for me 10 year old in extra small. I'm also using cheap red heart yarn, this time in the multi colored yarn called "fall". Interestingly enough this yarn looks like fall leaves when crocheted in this pattern. My daughter loves it. Its very striking.

This is a very very warm pattern though. Maybe to warm for our milder Arkansas winters. I'm tempted to try this is a lighter weight yarn.

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Saoirse Daily said...

Love the sweater. One of my goals for this year is to learn to crochet or knit.