Friday, November 30, 2007

Travel as a hobby

I have said it before, I do think traveling is a hobby. Most of us don't have enough money to think of traveling as a hobby simply because of the cost but I think if we had the money to travel for a hobby we would all feel differently about it. I would like to go to Spain and see the bull fights and stay in Spain hotels or maybe Barcelona and Barcelona hotels. There there are Alicante hotels and Benedirm Hotels. It would be very nice to be able to visit these places one of these days

Screen Savers

I love screen savers. There really not a necessary thing now a days. On most new computers when it doesn't get used for a while the screen just goes black. I love screen savers though. I like to sit back and watch them sometimes. I love winter screensavers. You know the kind with falling snow. Also the fireplace screensavers that show a crackling fire. My husband used to have an Aquarium screensaver that was really neat. You know those Christmas Screensavers are probably my favorite

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gravity Massage Chairs

I'm in pain pretty much all of the time. Thats not exactly craft related but I know I'm not the only crafter out there that suffers from chronic pain. Often keeping our hands busy is one of our few distractions. I have pretty much constant back pain and a lot of foot pain. has come out with a line of massaging products to help those like me that suffer from chronic pain. Items like the Human Touch HT 7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair. These really awesome chair follow the curve of the spine and mimic the 5 most popular massage techniques used my massage therapists. These include compression, kneading, rolling, percussion, calf massage, and foot massage.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I would love to have one of these chairs. There 2699 dollars for the top model which is the one I would want. I can't afford one of these chairs. But if my circumstances improve later on i would probably be investing in one of these.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

I can remember making these when I was a kid. This is also a great way to build up karma as well by providing food for birds when food is scarce. Make sure and hang them in places were they can eat and not be in danger of getting attacked by cats or anything else.

Use a pipe cleaner and tie it around the narrow end of the pine cone. Then cover the pine cone in peanut butter. Make sure you push it down into all the gaps and everything. Then you simply roll the pine cone in bird seed. Its recommended that you let them sit out overnight in cold air so that the peanut butter will get nice and hard and then hang it in the branches of a very sturdy tree. If you hang them in a cedar tree or some other evergreen tree they look kind of like Christmas ornaments.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Shoe Print Shirt

This is a really cool idea I found on the Craft Chi Blog. You just use old shoes and a cut out stencil and some fabric paint. If you don't want to invest in fabric paint you can just get some textile medium at the craft store. If you mix it with acrylic paint it turns it into T shirt paint as well.
You just paint the bottom of the shoe and lay the stencil on the shirt and just press the sole of the shoe again the shirt.Just make sure that you wash the shirt first and without fabric softener. If it has fabric softener on it the paint won't stick.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mac Poker

Some people consider playing games to be a hobby. I know some people will stay on the computer playing those games where they play with people all over the world until 6am. My step son is one of them. My husband is an online poker player. I guess he does it enough to call it a hobby. There is a site called Mac online poker for Mac computer users. I don't really understand why Mac computers are different than any other computer but I guess it does make a difference when it comes to the games that you play.

Mac Poker talk about Mac Poker. Its kind of like a Poker Blog. It also covers Fulltilt Poker and Pacific poker and a whole lot of other stuff. Its a nice looking blog and makes me think of the green felt on card tables.

Traveling for the Holidays

I sit here in my home office looking through the window at those icicle Christmas lights my husband put up last week. There blowing in the wind. its very window outside. I like the way they look blowing in the wind.

I've heard of some people traveling during the holidays. I have always thought Christmas/Yule should be spent with family, but I have to admit I would like to experience Christmas in another country. I can imagine myself staying in one of the hotels in London, hotels in Manchester or Hotels in Birmingham for the holidays. I bet it actually snows for the holidays there. It doesn't snow in Arkansas much at all.

A friend and his passport

A friend of mine in moving to the UK. I'm not sure what part of the UK. I think I remember him saying something about London. It seems like that would be the most logical place to go. He tried meeting a girl over there online that he could move in with when he got over there and that didn't work out. Then an employer found his My Space page and gave him a job and that job allowed him to get a passport even though he owed a lot of back child support (from the child he didn't know he had for 10 years).

I didn't know that getting a job overseas would enable you to get a passport even if you owed child support or something like that but apparently it can. If he had known that he could have looked at classifieds online for London jobs. If you having trouble getting a passport and like a lot of Americans your wanting to leave the country before things really go to crap you may want to consider looking for jobs in London as well.

Travel is a hobby too..

Some people with the time and the means consider traveling to be a hobby. Its obviously not a craft but I think it can be considered a hobby. There are lots of places I would love to visit if I had the time and the money. I have to face facts though. I don't have the time or the money and the only way I will have the time or the money is if I win the lottery and we know what the chances of that are.

London would be a nice place to visit. You know check out some London Hotels and see the sites. Then you have Glasgow with the Glasgow hotels and the Edinburgh Hotels as well. I probably would be spending a lot of time in my hotel room. Then again as much trouble as I have with my feet and the amount of pain being on them to long puts me in I might be better off spending more time in a hotel room.

London has a lot of night life. My husband would love to see that. I would be more interested in the historic stuff but he would soo be at all of the clubs.

Fabric Origami

I didn't realize this actually existed. I new what origami was but I didn't realize that fabric was stiff enough to do such a thing with, but apparently you can. Here are several books on the subject.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Coupon Chief

I'm going to go back to shopping is a hobby. finding bargins is a hobby too, thats why I like garage saling soo much. I can find excellant bargins. Theer is nothing that can give you a thrill more than finding what would be a 50 dollar pair of pants for 1 dollars and then getting the seller to knock an extra 25 cents off of that price.

Coupon Chief is a coupon code site. If your not familiar with what a coupon site is its a site that contains Coupon Codes (this is how you use coupons online, through codes) to various companies. They feature such name brands as Old Navy, Target, Best Buy, Overstock, Zappos, and a lot more.

Shower Invitations

I haven't gone to a bridal shower in a long time. I love them though. I love those horrible little dinner mints they serve and the cake. I think the cake is probably my favorite part. I also love weddings where its clear a lot of effort has gone into them. I put a lot of effort into my wedding.

We used to go hiking on Petijean all of the time and They had a beautiful log lodge up there with a perfect space for weddings. We were married on the bluff and had the reception inside the lodge. I had a rustic elegant theme. My flowers were silk, red black and white, with dried green foliage in them. They were in grapevine baskets. Even my napkins had two trees on the front of them. I'm told my wedding looked like something out of a bridal magazine. It only cost a little over 1000 dollars.

I used to sell dried flowers on Ebay and a woman bought several packages of them and made her own invitations so she could save on bridal shower invites. Most people in todays wold don't have time to make there own bridal shower invitations and such. Most people have to buy wedding shower invitations even when making them would be so much easier.

Recycled Blanket Rug

This is the coolest way of making a rug that I have ever seen.

What you do is you take old blankets and cut them into strips that are wide enough to fold into a tight thinner strip (these are your coils). You wrap them around each other in a spiral to make the shape and use a glue gun to hold everything together. I don''t think this is machine washable though. The idea for this comes from

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Shopping is a Hobby too

Some people consider shopping to be a craft or a hobby. I wish I had enough money for that to be the case with me. I really really really wish that was the case (maybe if I wish for it enough I'll get what I'm wishing for) I guess my going to garage sales could be considered a hobby. Thats like shopping accept that most of the things you buy are a dollar or less. Quick is a new shopping website (so new it hasn't been announced yet) that offers better deals on anything and everything in time for the Christmas season. Actually it offers you better deals period as it lists items on sale at different shops. Its almost like a coupon site accept that there aren't any coupons.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Remodeling is a Hobby

There are all sorts of crafts in this world. There is the normal kind like crochet and knitting, spinning and eve wood and metal work. but There are somethings that are crafts that we might not think of as crafts. There is remodeling for example. This can be considered a craft. So if decorating (or maybe its just shopping) thats why you find so much home decor stuff at Hobby Lobby.

I love the thought of changing out my lighting fixtures for something else. I guess we all like to remodel. If I ever win the lottery my formal dinning room will have a big huge unbelievably fancy chandelier in it. Probably some sort of shimmering crystal. It will be so fancy it will almost be in poor taste. The reason for this is I have always wanted a Crystal Chandelier. There was a big huge one in the movie theater I went to as a kid and I thought it was just grand. I still wonder what happened to it when they remodeled.

I wouldn't mind having new kitchen lighting fixtures either. All I have are plain old fluorescent bulbs covered in a plastic cover. I want some sort of wavey t rack lighting.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Turn an old bra into a bracelet

This is a really amazing idea that came from Craft Chi. I'm good at recycling but never in my wildest dreams would I have though of doing something like this.

Bra Wristlet

Built-in clasp

Bras make great vintage wrist bands because they have beautiful stretchy, soft lace and a built-in clasp. Here’s how I went about making one.

First, fold the bra inside-out and pin just before the strap.

Fold bra inside out and pin just before the strap

Sew across the pinned area several times. Make sure to line the straps up well.

Sew across the bra where pinned, just before the strap

Cut the bra, just after the sewing line and before the strap.

Cut between the strap and the sewing line

Embellish how you like, with buttons, beads, or ribbon. I glued a vintage earring on that I’d cut the stem off of and sewed some seed beads and pearls on.

Wristlet w/vintage earring glued on

Elf Eyelash Yarn

I've really been enjoying making ponytail holders and headbands out of the elf eyelash yarn from YarnBee that i got on sail at Hobby Lobby the other day. Its fun to work with and unlike to furrier stuff i don't have the problem with matting. Labyrinth yarn is on sail this week and as much as i love working with the Labyrinth yarn I probably won't be going to get any. I bought two more domain names today and have plans for a 3rd when i come up with a good one.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Yarn Review Labyrinth and Elf Eyelash

I've been buying the more expensive yarns I don't usually mess with on sale at Hobby Lobby lately. You know the yarn be eyelash and party girl yarns and stuff like that. At 99 cents verses 5 or 6 dollars a roll its hard to pass up and I get the chance to play with them and see how I like them.

I really enjoyed working with the Yarn Bee partygirl yarns which is kind of a sparkle eyelash yarn. its does not make attractive headbands though, its to fuzzy for that. I did by some yarn bee labyrinth yarn on sale. I didn't think I would like it because it wasn't really fuzzy. It was a long thin spring with a big blob of fluff along the line. I was surprised by how attractive it truly was when it was crochet though. It makes beautiful thick headbands and would make prettier larger projects as well. I do not recommend any of the eyelash yarns with the longer strands for anything large. They make nice furry trim and even pony tail holders. I did see a pattern for a nice furry vest and that would be acceptable as well but i don't recommend large projects, its just to furry.

I do however strongly recommend the yarn bee elf eyelash yarn for "everything". It makes beautiful ponytail holders and headbands and would make equally beautiful larger projects as well. The strands have a soft silken shimmer that don't mat like the longer ones and really keep there luster nicely. The elf eyelash is truly wonderful stuff to work with and crochets or knits out beautifully.