Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A friend and his passport

A friend of mine in moving to the UK. I'm not sure what part of the UK. I think I remember him saying something about London. It seems like that would be the most logical place to go. He tried meeting a girl over there online that he could move in with when he got over there and that didn't work out. Then an employer found his My Space page and gave him a job and that job allowed him to get a passport even though he owed a lot of back child support (from the child he didn't know he had for 10 years).

I didn't know that getting a job overseas would enable you to get a passport even if you owed child support or something like that but apparently it can. If he had known that he could have looked at classifieds online for London jobs. If you having trouble getting a passport and like a lot of Americans your wanting to leave the country before things really go to crap you may want to consider looking for jobs in London as well.

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