Monday, November 12, 2007

Remodeling is a Hobby

There are all sorts of crafts in this world. There is the normal kind like crochet and knitting, spinning and eve wood and metal work. but There are somethings that are crafts that we might not think of as crafts. There is remodeling for example. This can be considered a craft. So if decorating (or maybe its just shopping) thats why you find so much home decor stuff at Hobby Lobby.

I love the thought of changing out my lighting fixtures for something else. I guess we all like to remodel. If I ever win the lottery my formal dinning room will have a big huge unbelievably fancy chandelier in it. Probably some sort of shimmering crystal. It will be so fancy it will almost be in poor taste. The reason for this is I have always wanted a Crystal Chandelier. There was a big huge one in the movie theater I went to as a kid and I thought it was just grand. I still wonder what happened to it when they remodeled.

I wouldn't mind having new kitchen lighting fixtures either. All I have are plain old fluorescent bulbs covered in a plastic cover. I want some sort of wavey t rack lighting.

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