Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Shopping is a Hobby too

Some people consider shopping to be a craft or a hobby. I wish I had enough money for that to be the case with me. I really really really wish that was the case (maybe if I wish for it enough I'll get what I'm wishing for) I guess my going to garage sales could be considered a hobby. Thats like shopping accept that most of the things you buy are a dollar or less. Quick Shop.co.uk is a new shopping website (so new it hasn't been announced yet) that offers better deals on anything and everything in time for the Christmas season. Actually it offers you better deals period as it lists items on sale at different shops. Its almost like a coupon site accept that there aren't any coupons.

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Loretta said...

lol, "Yard Saleing" as my friends and i call it, is a hobby. Every saturday during spring and summer, we head out around 6:30am, hit waffle house, then shop the yard sales. It's a lot more fun than hitting the mall!