Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shower Invitations

I haven't gone to a bridal shower in a long time. I love them though. I love those horrible little dinner mints they serve and the cake. I think the cake is probably my favorite part. I also love weddings where its clear a lot of effort has gone into them. I put a lot of effort into my wedding.

We used to go hiking on Petijean all of the time and They had a beautiful log lodge up there with a perfect space for weddings. We were married on the bluff and had the reception inside the lodge. I had a rustic elegant theme. My flowers were silk, red black and white, with dried green foliage in them. They were in grapevine baskets. Even my napkins had two trees on the front of them. I'm told my wedding looked like something out of a bridal magazine. It only cost a little over 1000 dollars.

I used to sell dried flowers on Ebay and a woman bought several packages of them and made her own invitations so she could save on bridal shower invites. Most people in todays wold don't have time to make there own bridal shower invitations and such. Most people have to buy wedding shower invitations even when making them would be so much easier.

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