Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Travel is a hobby too..

Some people with the time and the means consider traveling to be a hobby. Its obviously not a craft but I think it can be considered a hobby. There are lots of places I would love to visit if I had the time and the money. I have to face facts though. I don't have the time or the money and the only way I will have the time or the money is if I win the lottery and we know what the chances of that are.

London would be a nice place to visit. You know check out some London Hotels and see the sites. Then you have Glasgow with the Glasgow hotels and the Edinburgh Hotels as well. I probably would be spending a lot of time in my hotel room. Then again as much trouble as I have with my feet and the amount of pain being on them to long puts me in I might be better off spending more time in a hotel room.

London has a lot of night life. My husband would love to see that. I would be more interested in the historic stuff but he would soo be at all of the clubs.

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