Sunday, November 11, 2007

Turn an old bra into a bracelet

This is a really amazing idea that came from Craft Chi. I'm good at recycling but never in my wildest dreams would I have though of doing something like this.

Bra Wristlet

Built-in clasp

Bras make great vintage wrist bands because they have beautiful stretchy, soft lace and a built-in clasp. Here’s how I went about making one.

First, fold the bra inside-out and pin just before the strap.

Fold bra inside out and pin just before the strap

Sew across the pinned area several times. Make sure to line the straps up well.

Sew across the bra where pinned, just before the strap

Cut the bra, just after the sewing line and before the strap.

Cut between the strap and the sewing line

Embellish how you like, with buttons, beads, or ribbon. I glued a vintage earring on that I’d cut the stem off of and sewed some seed beads and pearls on.

Wristlet w/vintage earring glued on

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