Saturday, November 3, 2007

Yarn Review Labyrinth and Elf Eyelash

I've been buying the more expensive yarns I don't usually mess with on sale at Hobby Lobby lately. You know the yarn be eyelash and party girl yarns and stuff like that. At 99 cents verses 5 or 6 dollars a roll its hard to pass up and I get the chance to play with them and see how I like them.

I really enjoyed working with the Yarn Bee partygirl yarns which is kind of a sparkle eyelash yarn. its does not make attractive headbands though, its to fuzzy for that. I did by some yarn bee labyrinth yarn on sale. I didn't think I would like it because it wasn't really fuzzy. It was a long thin spring with a big blob of fluff along the line. I was surprised by how attractive it truly was when it was crochet though. It makes beautiful thick headbands and would make prettier larger projects as well. I do not recommend any of the eyelash yarns with the longer strands for anything large. They make nice furry trim and even pony tail holders. I did see a pattern for a nice furry vest and that would be acceptable as well but i don't recommend large projects, its just to furry.

I do however strongly recommend the yarn bee elf eyelash yarn for "everything". It makes beautiful ponytail holders and headbands and would make equally beautiful larger projects as well. The strands have a soft silken shimmer that don't mat like the longer ones and really keep there luster nicely. The elf eyelash is truly wonderful stuff to work with and crochets or knits out beautifully.

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