Friday, December 28, 2007

Blogging for a profitable hobby.

Have you ever heard of getting paid to blog before. There are sites out there that have these advertisers and they will pay you to put links into your blog posts for the advertisers. Kind of like a product review or something like that. From what I understand there are some people out there making a very good living by doing this. If your looking for some extra income you may want to get paid to blog yourself.

Using your Printer for Scrap Booking

I've talked about using your printer in crafting before but did you know that they actually have programs out there now that you can use for scrap booking. You use your digital camera and the program and just use a simple drag and drop method. Then you print out the page and stick it in your scrap book. Thats a lot easier than buying all of those expensive things and cutting and pasting all of that stuff onto the pages. You just better make sure you have plenty of ink in your printer for that sort of thing.

You can get plenty of ink cartridges from You can place an order on the site with a minimum number of clicks and at discounted prices too. They have ink cartridges available for all sorts of printers.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Self Defense as a Hobby

I once thought of the self defense classes I was training as a hobby. Some people do do it as a hobby, like hiking or something like that. Its great exercise and it might come in handy someday.

Captain Chris Pizzo, a world leader in self defense instruction, has dedicated his life to not only spreading the truth about martial arts and self defense, but also to teaching the very same simplistic, and easy to learn answer he discovered after nearly being stabbed to death during a road rage attack. He has a self defense DVD called Close Combat Training that you may want to check out.

Candy Wreath

This would be an excellant craft idea for Valentines day which is out next holiday (unless you count new years eve which I don't).

Choose individually wrapped candies that have twist ties on each end like Tootsie Rolls or Bubble Gum.

You will need approximately 3 pounds of candy for a 6-8 inch wreath.
Foil wrappers are the easiest to work with. Craft stores have inexpensive gold rings often used to make dream catchers or you can cut your own wire and use pliers to connect the ends.

Next cut a 2-3 foot strand of curling ribbon. Tie one end of the ribbon to the end of your wire form. Loop your ribbon over your wire to create a small hole where you will add the candy wrapper ends. Without pulling the ribbon tight, use you other hand to loop your ribbon over the bottom end of the first loop to create a tying method that works like a running loop stitch.

Start with one piece of candy wrapper ends put in the loop and pulled tight, then add two at once. Push the pieces tightly against the first candy. The wax on the curling ribbon will help hold each piece in place so that it is not necessary to tie a complete knot. The candies will automatically spin around the wire for a full 3 dimensional look. Leave a 2 inch gap of wire showing.

After the candy is tied on add a big ribbon to cover up the metal hook closure or 2 inch gap. This may seem time consuming but I have made over 30 myself and after awhile you can complete a 5" wreath in about 20 minutes! Be sure and keep your wreath out of the heat. Candy pieces can be taken off carefully leaving the papers on the wreath to keep it looking nice even when the candy is being eaten.

For Valentines use individually wrapped cinnamon bears, red gumballs in clear wrap or tootsie rolls are very cute when you add a red, brown and white plaid ribbon to the top. Tie in gift certificates rolled up or use miniature samples of body lotion on ribbons to hang in the center of the wreath.

Candy Centrepiece

For a sweet decoration that is edible, make a candy centerpiece! If your wreath will be used to adorn a pillar candle choose a wreath form that will allow the candle to be placed in the center allowing about 1 inch leeway for candy and other embellishments that will be placed in the inside circle of the wreath. If you choose to use a wire form wreath you can follow the directions above and for a wire wreath or try this alternative. Use a Styrofoam wreath by grouping 2-3 candies together and secure with a 2" florist pick. The pick will have an attached wire so it is easy to make many of these candy picks quickly. Insert each pick into the Styrofoam form. For a fun child's valentine surprise make the candy wreath using individually wrapped bubblegum pieces, bright ribbons and attach semi-inflated balloon's to the floral picks before adding them to the wreath.

Grocery stores everywhere often sell mugs displaying floral arrangements. Make our own arrangement with candy instead for a unique gift. Fill your mug 3/4 of the way to the top with a piece of floral foam or Styrofoam. Purchase strawberry bon-bons or other candy that looks like a flower bud. Group your candy with several silk leaves and attach it to a long floral pick or wire before filling your mug!

This Project by Rachel Webb

Craft and your ink jet printer

We can use our ink jet printers for a lot of different kinds of crafts. You can print out photos from your digital camera or photos from the internet. You can make invitations and business cards and all sorts of things. Unfortunately you have to keep those darn ink cartridges filled as well. Its a good idea to have replacement printer ink cartridges on hand at all times if you use your printer for crafts often. website lists online stores that sell ink cartridges and laser toner for discounts that are up to 80% off of retail pricing. The site lists coupon codes and discount promotions also. Ink Cartridges are not exactly cheap anyway so any kind of discount you can get on them is always a good thing.

Things to do with a boring old t shirt

I ran across this site on stumble and was very very impressed. Never in a million years would I have thought about doing such creative this with such a big boring old t shirt. I think my favorite one is the navy blue one at the top of the page. What a work of art. Here in the link.
We can use our ink jet printers for a lot of different kinds of crafts. You can print out photos from your digital camera or photos from the internet. You can make invitations and business cards and all sorts of things. Unfortunately you have to keep those darn ink cartridges filled as well. Its a good idea to have replacement printer ink cartridges on hand at all times if you use your printer for crafts often. website lists online stores that sell ink cartridges and laser toner for discounts that are up to 80% off of retail pricing. The site lists coupon codes and discount promotions also. Ink Cartridges are not exactly cheap anyway so any kind of discount you can get on them is always a good thing.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Traveling as a Hobby

Some people make traveling into a hobby. I don't have that kind of time or money. it would be nice to think of traveling as a hobby and be able to afford to do all kinds of traveling and have the time to do that sort of thing. Only if I won the lottery. I can keep on saying stuff like that but I don't think its going to make me win, ha ha.

I would love to have memories of staying in hotels in London, Hotels in Manchester, and Hotels in Birmingham. Staying in a hotel can be a different experience. Especially in another country.

Some people just have to much time on there hands.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Mailboxes are like an extension of your house. At least I think they are. I don't really have time anymore but I used to decorate my mailbox with each of the holidays seasons, including Christmas, valentines day and all of the others. I really need a new one. Mine is plastic coated with red cedar planks and someone hit it with a baseball bat a few months back. Mailbox has some really nice ones to choose from. They have both residential mailboxes and commercial mailboxes. They also have a copper one that I really like.

An easier lip balm.

Coconut oil melts only at body temperature. That of course is 98 degrees and for that reason it makes a perfect lip balm. Far more perfect than any made with beeswax because. its softer on the lips as well. Its very easy to add any flavor you want to it. My favorite for winter in mint. If you add 1/4 tsp cocoa powder to 2 tsp melted coconut oil you can create lip balm that is reminiscent of sipping mint hot chocolate. Allow some whole vanilla beans to sit in a pot at 98 degrees for a while and you will have wonderful vanilla scented lip balm as well.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Credit Cards

If you Australian and your looking for Credit Cards you might want to consider Credit They give Australians the ability to search, compare and apply for all kinds of credit cards online. You can browse by features, fees, type and interest charges. They also have a comparison chart that gives users a comprehensive list of all credit cards available to people living in Australia. We all know how important it is to shop around for credit cards. You have to make sure your getting the lowest interest rate and make sure you getting the best deal as far as spending points goes and little features like that.

Candy Cane Vase

From AllFree Crafts.comI've seen similar things done with other items like tree branches . Anything hard and straight can be used.

Candy Cane Vase

You Will Need:

* 30 to 40 candy canes
* strong rubber band
* clean tin can
* evergreen trimmings - cedar, pine, spruce, juniper or holly
* wire-edged ribbon

Candy Cane Vase


1. Place a strong rubber band around the tin can, approximately half way down from the top.

2. Begin inserting wrapped candy canes into the rubber band so the hooked part of the cane faces outward. As you proceed around the can, you might find that the candy canes tend to fall to one side. Just keep straightening them as you work - once the last candy cane is in place, you should find that the candy canes will stay upright on their own. If not, add another rubber band, fairly close to the first one, to keep everything in place.

3. Tie a wire-edged ribbon over the rubber band and make a nice bow. If you like, you can cut the ends of the ribbon on a slant, or in a vee shape, for a nice touch.

4. Add sprigs of fresh evergreen trimmings to the tin can and your Christmas candy cane vane is complete.

Celebrity Ape faces

This is not a craft but it is kind of a cool way to pas the time and its definitly worth a chuckle has taken the faces of celebrities and politicians (one in the same)and given them ape faces. Its actually kind of funny. They put up a new ape face everyday.

Tin Can Luminaries

I've made all sorts of luminaries and potpourri simmers with tin cans. They have a nice rustic look that has always appealed to me. You will need . . .

A Pair of Tin Snips
a large nail
a hammer
your freezer

Fill the tin cans with water and stick them in thew freezer. Take them out when there frozen solid and using your hammer and nail you can punch any pattern you want into the can. Be careful, the edges will be sharp. Then just thaw the water and put a tea light into them. I also like to make potpourri simmerers with these as well but you don't fill them with water for this. The small nail holes are not large enough to provide enough oxygen for the flames so you will have to cut a large hole in the can on the bottom. For the top you just have to cut the tin can in half. It usually fits on top perfectly. I have thrown the tin cans into the fire to give them a different color and left them out in the rain for several days to give them a rusted look. I've even glued metal funnels to the top of them to make them look like old fashioned lanterns

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Making Money is a Hobby

Some people consider making money to be a hobby. Its become a hobby for me. At times a stressful frustrating one because I never make as much money as I think I should be making, but thats life. One way you can make money is by advertising other peoples websites. By advertising there website you can earn money when someone signs up for there website by earning a percentage of the sale. Fulltilt poker is one of the sites that does this. When you sign up for this you will get a full tilt poker referral code and when someone signs up to the site after clicking on your Full Tilt Referral code then you can earn a nice big full tilt bonus.

Apple Wreath

I don't know about everyone else but this time in December I am just about fed up with all of the holiday crap that going on. I am sick of decorating, sick of parties, sick of buying gifts, sick of Christmas movies and really really sick of Christmas music. The next craft is a holiday craft for those of you still interested in doing holiday crap but to tell you the truth this craft could really be applied to any holiday or any season. You could even switch out oranges for apple or mini pumpkins or any number of things.

Project by Kathy Hanson of Excelsior, Minn. Her website is

Kathy was a busy executive who wanted to find a way to spend more time with her family. She started making charming items for the home, and her new career was born. In this project, Kathy makes a holiday wreath with fresh green apples.


sheet of plywood
green exterior spraypaint
100 3"galvanized nails
heavy-gauge wire
sturdy picture hangers
holiday greenery
20 pounds of apples
holiday bow


Figure A

1. Draw a 24'' circular pattern onto plywood, cut out wreath shape using jigsaw (figure A). Sand any rough edges.


Figure B
2. Before continuing, add sturdy picture hangers and heavy-gauge wire to back of wreath.

3. Randomly hammer 100 3-inch galvanized nails nails into wreath form (figure B).

4. Spray paint both the plywood and nails green.


Figure C
5. Skewer the apples onto the nails.

6. Fill the empty spaces with greenery (figure C).


Figure D
7. Add a decorative holiday bow (figure D).

8. Be sure to hang the wreath with a molly bolt or find a stud to hang it on. It's very heavy.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Is Dating a Hobby

I think some people think of it has a hobby. I never thought of dating as a hobby. Maybe because I tended to move from one serious relationship into another serious relationship. I guess in todays world of internet personals a person could think of dating as a hobby. some people just want someone to go out and have a good time with while others are looking for more serious relationships with someone who has similar interests.

There are all sorts of dating sites out there for all sorts of different kinds of people. If you are in the dating world you may be wondering how your going to figure out which one is right for you.. Prime Dating Sites is an excellant resource for singles to find an online dating service thats suited to them.

Paper Christmas tree

Here is a holiday craft idea. This is something that might look good on a mantel above a fireplace or anywhere else in your home that could use a little bit of holiday cheer. Its a paper Christmas tree.

Holiday Tree with Star

Model designed by Kazuo Kobayashi
The tree is made from a preliminary base but what makes it special is the little star at the top.
Double sided foil paper works the best since the foil helps the tree to stay folded. Make your own double sided foil paper in larger sizes. Spray adhesive works well for this. Spray lightly the wrong side of the paper and lay the foil down smoothing any bubbles as you go. Cut to a perfect square. You can fold trees in different sizes and colors for a beautiful effect.

Supplies needed:
1 package metallic 6" square origami paper #4421

Fold a preliminary base starting with the color side down.

After folding the base, cut triangles off the bottom to make the trunk.
Separate 5 layers of the tree unit and lay them flat. The other remainding layers should not be cut, so be sure they are out of the way.
Cut at an angle toward the top of the tree and go all through the layers close to the other edge. Be careful to not cut the top off completely though.
Open the star by spreading the cut layers apart and lay flat. Now you can spread open all the layers of the tree.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Poker is a Hobby

Some people like to play poker for a hobby. I have never understood how card games could be considered fun. Its just not my cup of tea at all but my husband loves them and everyone in his family loves them. We also have a lot of friends that love them as well.

Sometimes you can get a full tilt bonus for referring other people to those poker sites. You just need a full tilt referral code for them to click on. If they have the full tilt poker referral code to click on the sites will deposit money into your account when you sign up.


Redecorating is a hobby. Not everyone feels that way about it but most people do it often enough to think of it as a hobby. I have a friend who feels the need to change everything in her house every four years. A new ceiling fan or light fixture can dramatically change the appearance of a room. I can remember when I bought my first house and I was looking for a ceiling fan for the living room Hunter fans were the way to go. That's not the case anymore. There are so many other more brands out there that are worth while than just what your local hardware store at the moment and that's pretty much what we were looking at. There are Minka Aire ceiling fans and Ellington fans. has a lot of different ceiling fans for you to choose from. I don't think a person should hesitate to order one from online.


Can you imagine someone making a sculptures out of Gummi bears. I seen sculptures out of all sorts of things including cake and icing but gummy bears? Yaya Chow does exactly that. Imagine walking to a home and finding this 4 foot long gummy bear chandelier hanging in the dinning room.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Get Free Fonts

I used to really be into all sorts of different kinds of fonts. If I was making more creative projects I might still be into those sorts of fonts. What if you could get a free Cd with 1001 of the greatest fonts there has ever been. To tell you the truth I didn't know there were than many fonts out there but I guess there could be. You can get this free cd at CDEarth. They have lots of other Cd's available on the site too. I don't think there all free though. Things like wealth managers and anti virus software. Those don't sound quiet as fun as this CD with the free fonts on it though. It ha fonts on it like Calligraphy fonts, Gothic, Graffiti fonts, Fancy fonts, Dingbats or symbols, Script fonts, Handwriting fonts, Old English fonts, Chinese and Japanese fonts, True Type fonts, Mac fonts, Retro fonts, Cursive fonts, and Western fonts. My step son would enjoy those Chinese and Japanese fronts. He's been learning Japaneses from a friend of his on the internet.

I bet all of those different fonts would come in real handy if you design a lot of fliers or do a lot of stuff with clip art and things like that.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Holiday wrapping.

I always go a little overboard on the whole gift wrapping thing. I get big spools of wired ribbon from hobby lobby and make big professional looking bows . Of adorn them with miniature plastic Christmas ornaments, acorns picked up in the front yard, pressed cedar leaves, and colored glass Christmas bulbs. I also use spray snow and spray crystals to make the gifts look like you've been carrying them while walking in the snow and on top of that I sprinkle white iridescent or some other festive holiday colored glitter. I've used more than just wrapping paper and wired ribbon too. I've wrapped gifts with brown grocery sack paper and newspaper and used raffia as the ribbon. here are some instructions for making bows.

1. To form inner petals, cut 3-6" lengths of 7/8" (#5) wide wire-edge taffeta ribbon. Cut the ends of each length into sharp point. Pinch the lengths at the center and wire together. Shape petals into a circle.

2. To form the outer petals, cut 4-8" lengths of 1 1/2" (#9) wide wire edge taffeta ribbon. Repeat steps as described in step 1. Wire to inner petals to form poinsettia.

3. Make a two loop bow with the gold metallic mesh ribbon by overlapping ends over the center point of the ribbon and wire onto the back of the ribbon poinsettia.

4. Place a dime-size puddle of glue in the center of the ribbon poinsettia. Sprinkle with gold beads and pat down to hold. Shake off excess beads.

A Tailored Bow
Making a Floral Bow

1. Pinch the ribbon and make a loop leaving the tail the desired length.

2. Continue making loops gradually increasing the size of the loops until the bow is full and you have enough ribbon left to make the other tail.

3. Secure the center of the bow with wire.

4. Fan out the loops.

5. Cut the tails at an angle or in points to finish off the bow.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Vacation Homes

Most people who read this probably don't look at vacation homes as much as I do. But then most people have probably traveled more than I have. I was recently looking at Casa San Lucas Vacation rentals. There are so really gorgeous ones there. Some of these places are so stunning I would be afraid to rent them out. Someone might ruin them. is a website that has long lists of vacation rentals and lots and lots of pictures of the places that are for rent. They have Costa rica vacation rentals as well.

An Ice Candle

Make an Ice Candle courtesy of This is really cool.

You will need
A square milk carton
A wick
Ice cubes

Cut the top off of your milk carton and clean in out. Put the wick down in the center and put in your ice cubes. They need to be tumbled and all which ways, not neat. Try to keep the ice away from the wick since the wax won't form around it properly if it is. Slowly pour your melted wax over the ice cubes until the carton is full. Allow the ice to melt and the wax to set before you remove your candle from the carton.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Exam Prep Software

Collage is hard and life is busy. Its not surprise to see companies opening up that sell reports and thesis and stuff like that. Exams are another story. You can't pay someone to take your exam for you. Your going to have to take that yourself.

Not all exams we take have anything to do with collage though. maybe your trying to get a license to work at a certain kind of job. Like a real estate license. I think I would like working as a real estate agent if the income was a little bit more stable. There is exam software out there that can help you prepare for your Mortgage Test though. You can find the software for sale at Exam You can also find software there that will help you study for exams for such licenses as insurance, home inspection, securities, mortgage lending.

When it comes to stuff like this we often need all of the help we can get. There are kids and husbands and dinners to make and often someone preparing for one of these exams is working a full time job as well. If you can get help through a software program your better off using it.

Beaded Bracelet

Look at this bracelet. I can see this done in a variety if different materials and worn will all sorts of outfits. Maybe one in copper colors and one in gold and maybe one in silver and blue. You can find the instructions here. I love beads. I wish I had time to work with them.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Photo Christmas Cards

If you haven't sent out your holiday gift cards yet then your late. If you send them out now they may or may not arrive before Christmas. Mail gets a little nuts this time of year. I can remember when I worked for a mortgage company we ran across a call in which it took a mans mortgage payment 30 days to cross 3 states. I told him Pony Express would have been faster.

With that being said lets talk about sending photo cards for Christmas. a lot of people have Christmas cards made or make Christmas cards themselves with family photos on them. I don't do this. I don't send out Christmas cards. My parents never did it and for that reason I have never done it. Maybe I should start though. You can get 50 photo cards printed up for about 31 dollars on Vista Thats about what an ink cartridge would cost you and it would probably take an entire cartridge to do that many cards plus you would still have to pay for the paper the cards are made of. Its probably cheaper just to have them done and Vista prints offers matching envelopes at the time of check out too.

I don't know what sort of picture I would put on there. Maybe one of out tree and the presents under it. Maybe one of the kids and our 11 cats and two dogs. Who knows. Maybe you have a cute new baby in your family.

Crochet Flowers

Photo from Free Craft
Crochet flowers are really big in free form crochet (a favorite thing of mine) plus they make dice decorations for a number of projects. I've found myself thinking about doing an entire afghan out of a bunch of flowers made from scrap yarn and just stitching them all together. I don't think my living areas or my bedroom are really feminine enough for this. Here are some instructions for some flowers though.

Chain 4. In the first stitch of the chain (4th stitch from hook) work a 2-dc cluster (see How To below), chain 3, and sl st (first petal created). Still working in the SAME space, work *chain 3, 2-dc cluster, chain 3, sl st (second petal created). Repeat from * 2 more times (4 petals created).

B. Chain 3. Join to form a ring.

Round 1: Chain 6. In ring, dc, ch 3, 4 times. Join in 3rd chain of ch 6.

Round 2: Sl st in next ch 3 space, ch 1. Sc, hdc, 3 tc, hdc, sc, in same ch 3 space. *Sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc in next ch 3 space. Repeat from * 3 times. End with sc in starting ch 1.

Round 3: Chain 5, sc in back row, 5 times.

Round 4: Sl st in chain 5 space, ch 1. *Sc, hdc, 5 tr, hdc, sc, in ch 5 space. Repeat from * 4 times. End with sl st in back row in sc 2 rounds below.

Round 5: Chain 7, sc in back row, 5 times.

Round 6: Sl st in chain 7 space, ch 1. *Sc, hdc, 7 tr, hdc, sc, in ch 7 space. Repeat from * 4 times. End with sl st in back row in sc 2 rounds below.

Round 7: Chain 9, sc in back row, 5 times.

Round 8: Sl st in chain 9 space, ch 1. *Sc, hdc, 9 tr, hdc, sc, in ch 9 space. Repeat from * 4 times. End with sl st in back row in sc 2 rounds below.

C.hain 5. Join to form a ring.

Round 1: Ch 1, 5 sc in ring. Join.

Round 2: Ch 1, 2 sc in each sc around. Join.

Round 3: Ch 1, 2 sc in each sc around. (20 sc) Join.

Round 4: Working in front loops of sc's only (back look will be used for second row of petals), *ch 3, 1 tr in same st, 2 tr in each of next 2 sts, 1 tr in next st, ch 3, sl st in same st (1st petal of first row). Sl st in next st. Repeat from * 4 times.

Round 5: Sl st over to back sc loop in center of first petal. *Ch 4, 1 dtr in same st, 2 dtr in each of next 2 sts, 1 dtr in next st, ch 4, sl st in same st (1st petal of second row). Sl st in next st. Repeat from * 4 times. Join and fasten off.

Angel beds

Do you suffer from back pain? I suffer from back pain. I suffer from it all of the time. My mattress sucks. I am more comfortable sleeping on the couch than I am on my bed. I want a tempurpedic mattresses. According to there website AngelBeds can bring it to you at substantial savings of up to $3300. Those mattresses aren't cheap. I went and looked at Mattresses last year and there not cheap at all. They are cheaper that the ones that I saw at the furniture store.

Oh the thought of being able to lay on a mattress like that and wake up in the morning without the pain and the stiffness that I wake up with every single day. Memory foam conforms to your body and reduces pressure points and I'm sure that would reduce the amount of pain I experience every single day and the stiffness I wake up with. I walk like an old lady in the morning and when I climb out of bed my joints crunch so much it sounds like rice crispy treats. Nothing but crunch crunch crunch with every step for the first 5 or 6 or so steps.