Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Angel beds

Do you suffer from back pain? I suffer from back pain. I suffer from it all of the time. My mattress sucks. I am more comfortable sleeping on the couch than I am on my bed. I want a tempurpedic mattresses. According to there website AngelBeds can bring it to you at substantial savings of up to $3300. Those mattresses aren't cheap. I went and looked at Mattresses last year and there not cheap at all. They are cheaper that the ones that I saw at the furniture store.

Oh the thought of being able to lay on a mattress like that and wake up in the morning without the pain and the stiffness that I wake up with every single day. Memory foam conforms to your body and reduces pressure points and I'm sure that would reduce the amount of pain I experience every single day and the stiffness I wake up with. I walk like an old lady in the morning and when I climb out of bed my joints crunch so much it sounds like rice crispy treats. Nothing but crunch crunch crunch with every step for the first 5 or 6 or so steps.

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