Sunday, December 16, 2007

Apple Wreath

I don't know about everyone else but this time in December I am just about fed up with all of the holiday crap that going on. I am sick of decorating, sick of parties, sick of buying gifts, sick of Christmas movies and really really sick of Christmas music. The next craft is a holiday craft for those of you still interested in doing holiday crap but to tell you the truth this craft could really be applied to any holiday or any season. You could even switch out oranges for apple or mini pumpkins or any number of things.

Project by Kathy Hanson of Excelsior, Minn. Her website is

Kathy was a busy executive who wanted to find a way to spend more time with her family. She started making charming items for the home, and her new career was born. In this project, Kathy makes a holiday wreath with fresh green apples.


sheet of plywood
green exterior spraypaint
100 3"galvanized nails
heavy-gauge wire
sturdy picture hangers
holiday greenery
20 pounds of apples
holiday bow


Figure A

1. Draw a 24'' circular pattern onto plywood, cut out wreath shape using jigsaw (figure A). Sand any rough edges.


Figure B
2. Before continuing, add sturdy picture hangers and heavy-gauge wire to back of wreath.

3. Randomly hammer 100 3-inch galvanized nails nails into wreath form (figure B).

4. Spray paint both the plywood and nails green.


Figure C
5. Skewer the apples onto the nails.

6. Fill the empty spaces with greenery (figure C).


Figure D
7. Add a decorative holiday bow (figure D).

8. Be sure to hang the wreath with a molly bolt or find a stud to hang it on. It's very heavy.

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