Sunday, December 9, 2007

Holiday wrapping.

I always go a little overboard on the whole gift wrapping thing. I get big spools of wired ribbon from hobby lobby and make big professional looking bows . Of adorn them with miniature plastic Christmas ornaments, acorns picked up in the front yard, pressed cedar leaves, and colored glass Christmas bulbs. I also use spray snow and spray crystals to make the gifts look like you've been carrying them while walking in the snow and on top of that I sprinkle white iridescent or some other festive holiday colored glitter. I've used more than just wrapping paper and wired ribbon too. I've wrapped gifts with brown grocery sack paper and newspaper and used raffia as the ribbon. here are some instructions for making bows.

1. To form inner petals, cut 3-6" lengths of 7/8" (#5) wide wire-edge taffeta ribbon. Cut the ends of each length into sharp point. Pinch the lengths at the center and wire together. Shape petals into a circle.

2. To form the outer petals, cut 4-8" lengths of 1 1/2" (#9) wide wire edge taffeta ribbon. Repeat steps as described in step 1. Wire to inner petals to form poinsettia.

3. Make a two loop bow with the gold metallic mesh ribbon by overlapping ends over the center point of the ribbon and wire onto the back of the ribbon poinsettia.

4. Place a dime-size puddle of glue in the center of the ribbon poinsettia. Sprinkle with gold beads and pat down to hold. Shake off excess beads.

A Tailored Bow
Making a Floral Bow

1. Pinch the ribbon and make a loop leaving the tail the desired length.

2. Continue making loops gradually increasing the size of the loops until the bow is full and you have enough ribbon left to make the other tail.

3. Secure the center of the bow with wire.

4. Fan out the loops.

5. Cut the tails at an angle or in points to finish off the bow.

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