Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Get Free Fonts

I used to really be into all sorts of different kinds of fonts. If I was making more creative projects I might still be into those sorts of fonts. What if you could get a free Cd with 1001 of the greatest fonts there has ever been. To tell you the truth I didn't know there were than many fonts out there but I guess there could be. You can get this free cd at CDEarth. They have lots of other Cd's available on the site too. I don't think there all free though. Things like wealth managers and anti virus software. Those don't sound quiet as fun as this CD with the free fonts on it though. It ha fonts on it like Calligraphy fonts, Gothic, Graffiti fonts, Fancy fonts, Dingbats or symbols, Script fonts, Handwriting fonts, Old English fonts, Chinese and Japanese fonts, True Type fonts, Mac fonts, Retro fonts, Cursive fonts, and Western fonts. My step son would enjoy those Chinese and Japanese fronts. He's been learning Japaneses from a friend of his on the internet.

I bet all of those different fonts would come in real handy if you design a lot of fliers or do a lot of stuff with clip art and things like that.

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