Friday, December 14, 2007

Paper Christmas tree

Here is a holiday craft idea. This is something that might look good on a mantel above a fireplace or anywhere else in your home that could use a little bit of holiday cheer. Its a paper Christmas tree.

Holiday Tree with Star

Model designed by Kazuo Kobayashi
The tree is made from a preliminary base but what makes it special is the little star at the top.
Double sided foil paper works the best since the foil helps the tree to stay folded. Make your own double sided foil paper in larger sizes. Spray adhesive works well for this. Spray lightly the wrong side of the paper and lay the foil down smoothing any bubbles as you go. Cut to a perfect square. You can fold trees in different sizes and colors for a beautiful effect.

Supplies needed:
1 package metallic 6" square origami paper #4421

Fold a preliminary base starting with the color side down.

After folding the base, cut triangles off the bottom to make the trunk.
Separate 5 layers of the tree unit and lay them flat. The other remainding layers should not be cut, so be sure they are out of the way.
Cut at an angle toward the top of the tree and go all through the layers close to the other edge. Be careful to not cut the top off completely though.
Open the star by spreading the cut layers apart and lay flat. Now you can spread open all the layers of the tree.


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