Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tin Can Luminaries

I've made all sorts of luminaries and potpourri simmers with tin cans. They have a nice rustic look that has always appealed to me. You will need . . .

A Pair of Tin Snips
a large nail
a hammer
your freezer

Fill the tin cans with water and stick them in thew freezer. Take them out when there frozen solid and using your hammer and nail you can punch any pattern you want into the can. Be careful, the edges will be sharp. Then just thaw the water and put a tea light into them. I also like to make potpourri simmerers with these as well but you don't fill them with water for this. The small nail holes are not large enough to provide enough oxygen for the flames so you will have to cut a large hole in the can on the bottom. For the top you just have to cut the tin can in half. It usually fits on top perfectly. I have thrown the tin cans into the fire to give them a different color and left them out in the rain for several days to give them a rusted look. I've even glued metal funnels to the top of them to make them look like old fashioned lanterns

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