Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Traveling really is a hobby

I know I talk about travel on this site a lot for a hobby blog but I do strongly believe that for those with the funds to make it so traveling can be considered a hobby. For this reason I want to talk about a site called EasyBook. Its a site for booking hotel reservations and such. There are a lot of them on the web but this is the one I want to draw attention to at the moment. What I find interesting about this one is that you can make your reservations and pay for your room using your choice of currency. I haven't seen that on another site. Say for example you want to book a room or rooms in hotels in Prague. You have 3 different choices of currency. Don't ask me what they are though because I don't recognize those symbols.

I saw a movie with Queen Latiffa in it and she went on vacation in Prague on the movie. She was dying. I would love to visit there one day and stay in a hotel like that and use the spa.

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