Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Frames for my Lenses

I was finally able to see an eye doctor through my husbands employer provided insurance and get contact lenses. Unfortunately they would not pay for both contact lenses and glasses although I might be able to get affordable frames through and then get the lenses cheaper with my insurance through my eye doctor. They do have some very nice lenses at There able to get cheaper frames because they sell what they manufacture and they do manufacture some really cool frames.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Its been so long since I got to do any kind of crafts at all. I am always busy with something and I find it to be very very irritating. Maybe I can get another work at home job soon and then I can do crafts while I am working it. There is a new call center coming into town that also offers work at home opportunities.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

BDU Pants

Do you know what BDU pants are. There similar to the cargo pants and there the same camouflage pants with all of the pockets in them that are worn by the military. I have never worn any of these. Maybe when I get skinny and sexy again I will buy some and wear them. They look to be pretty comfortable and practical. You can find them for sale at
Although this is a craft blog I'm going to write about a movie I saw last night. It was Cloverfield. I still do not feel like I got a decent enough look at the monster plus we have no explanation as far as where the stupid thing came from. We never really figured out for sure what happened to the people that were bitten by those weird parasite things. I hated the ending. Then I read that there making a second one with a different name. Sadly the movie was intriguing enough in a frustrating way to make me want to see the second one.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jump Start!!!!!

Do you like coffee? Do you need a job? If the answer to both is yes then you need to check out You can Jump Start Your Day & Career with itzbig. When you sign up for the site you get a free 5 dollar coffee card and you can search for jobs by location.

Pressing Flowers

Tis the season for pressing flowers. I have seen kits and red about a dozen different methods but for me the best way is still the way its been done for centuries and that's between the pages of a big thick heavy book. Large bulky flowers are best avoided because they will mold after before they dry out. That is also the cease with flowers or plants that are unusually juicy such as most large or thick leaved Sedums.

There is a flower that I have always thought looks the most beautiful when pressed and fortunately it also blooms vigorously throughout the year and that's plain and simple rock roses. These are in the Sedum family and when pressed flat look like stained glass. The retain there bright beautiful colors and there delicate flowers are almost transparent when pressed, at least enough to let the light through. These are annuals and can be found for less than a dollar for 6 pack at most home improvement stores.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Black Professional Website

I ran across this website not to long a with a Calendar of Events -Free membership and post events for Free. for black professionals. Its a great place to schedule meetings, seminars, conferences, trade shows, incentive events, networking, conventions, corporate events and more. Its also a great place to meet other black professionals.

Grow Indian Corn

Its spring time and a time of planting. You should consider growing ornamental corn in your garden for fall decorating if you have the space. Ornamental corn is very hardy and very beautiful and wonderful for use in fall decorating.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

IT training

I have a friend who went to technical school who is now pursuing another degree. He has a former employer that seems to think he is afraid of working in the real world and therefore is trying to stay in school to avoid getting a real job. Even though he could very easily get a nice office job he stay and works in fast food restaurants instead. I always kind of figured after attending tech schools a person would be able to get a nice paying job anywhere they wanted so maybe he's right about that. It would be nice to have IT training. It would certainly make working online a lot easier.

The Salesman and the Quiet One

I went garage saling today. Thats a hobby. I consider it a hobby anyway just as buying at garage sales and resaling is a hobby as well. I often wish that my husband could go with me though. I miss having him there with me checking the prices and picking things out, although I do tend to spend more when he is with me. I'm a bit more of a penny pincher than he is. I have no problem haggling with people. Its odd that me, the quiet one, would be the haggler and the salesman wouldn't be.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Recycling Plastic

Polyethylene is probably the most popular widely used plastic in the entire world. It can also be recycled. HDPE Film is used for snack food packaging, cereal box liners, non carbonated drink bottles, margarine tubs, deli food and whipped toppings, detergent bottles, milk jugs, garbage containers, water pipes (plumbing) as well as packaging material (bubblewrap). I've actually featured crafts on this blog made from Recycled plastic material similar to this. HDPE as well as all other plastic material should always be recycled. After all we have enough crap in our landfills thats going to take hundreds of years to break down, we certainly don't need to ad to that. So make sure that you recycle.
Its a little bit early in the year to be talking about crafts like this that require large leaves but there so cool i couldn't help revisiting the idea again. There are actually some wild vines that grow around here that produce leave large enough for this. Hostas also work well for this. I've wondered about hibiscus flowers. I don't know if there firm enough to pull this off. Click here for the instructions

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saving Money when Shopping Online

Everyone loves to save money. Some people like to shop online and save money. I have to admit that with gas prices being so high just shopping online without using any kind of coupon codes or anything will save you money simply because your not driving into town to go shopping. I guess that doesn't really count for everyone though. Obviously not everyone lives 2o miles from town like I do. is one of those places that gives you online coupons and coupon codes and such for discounts when shopping online. They give there customers thousands of useful discounts of products they really love.


Its spring time, at least here in Arkansas. The daffodil's are blooming and I'm thinking of the seeds I'm going to be starting. If you have a room that gets enough sunlight you may want to consider a terrarium to help brighten up a room. My mother used to have one on our old coffee table.

Terrariums are wonderful, magical environments. Decorative, attractive, and easy to care for, just plant and forget. Because terrariums recycle their moisture, they need very little attention. A closed terrarium can often go a month or more between watering. They actually thrive on neglect! Now even people who tend to neglect plants can develop a "Green Thumb".

Any clear container can be made into a terrarium. The main requirement is that it be watertight. Choose something that is large enough to accommodate the plants, and has a cover, lid, or door to keep the moisture from escaping. Jars, bottles, and aquariums are some of the more common containers used. More elaborate designs made from Acrylic Plastic, Leaded and Stained Glass, and Glass Block, can add an elegant touch to your home decor. Whatever the container, a humble pickle jar, or a Contemporary Glass Sculpture, you can bring an easy to care for touch of nature into you home.

Many plants do well in terrariums, and it is best to choose the ones that will fit the size of the container. Slower growing plants require less trimming, and are less likely to take over. If you are willing to pay more attention to them, you can experiment with more aggressive plants. They require more frequent trimming, but will allow you to have more variety in your terrarium. I've even seem some people putting tiny tree frogs in there terrariums and feeding them insects like wingless fruit flies and such.

Really cool T Shirts

My husband loves t shirtsT-shirt. I once went through his closet to get rid of all of the awful stained ones that he really didn't need or didn't wear anymore and found 30 of them. I also found 15 of them that I don't think he had ever worn. Its kind of sad really. has some really cool T shirts with some awesome graphic art on them. I like the inspiration short the best and I'm not even catholic.

Tin Can Herb Pots

You know gardening is a craft. You can also make crafts with things that you grow in your garden. Like herbs. Her gardens are wonderful and can be grown in pots of patio's or decks and in window boxes. You can buy them already grown from a greenhouse or start your own from seed. Below you will find instructions for making tin can herb pots.

  • Empty aluminum can
  • Screwdriver and hammer
  • Liquitex Basics Gesso
  • Acrylic craft paints in colors of your choice
  • Flower stickers (optional)
  • Acrylic sealer spray, matte finish
  • Craft or popsicle stick
  • Thin cardboard
  • Pinking shears
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • 5-10 small rocks, stones or pebbles
  • 1.5 cups Potting soil
  • 4-inch potted herb plant
  • White craft glue
  • Water
  1. Completely wash and dry aluminum can. If necessary, sand off any rough edges from opening of can.
  2. Turn can upside down. Parent should use screwdriver or other pointed object to poke holes in the bottom of the can. Use a hammer to tap the end of the screwdriver to make the holes.
  3. Paint outside of can with one coat of Gesso. Let dry completely.
  4. Paint can desired color, repeat coats if needed.
  5. Decorate however you like. Use a thin paint brush for long lines, dip the end of the paint brush into paint for polka dots.
  6. Decorate with stickers if desired.
  7. Spray the outside of the completed can with acrylic sealer spray. Let dry.
  8. Place enough rocks or pebbles in the bottom of the can to form a single layer.
  9. Add enough potting soil to fill the can two-thirds full.
  10. Remove potted herb from its container and transplant into the can.
  11. Fill edges with remaining potting soil, gently pat down so that plant is firmly in the can but not compacted so much that it’s too tight.
  12. Place can on a plate (to catch any water drainage) and add some water to the newly planted herbs.
  13. Paint craft stick whatever color you like. Allow to dry.
  14. Cut a piece of thin cardboard into a small rectangle (about 1.5 x 3 inches) using pinking shears.
  15. Paint both side of the cardboard with Gesso, let dry.
  16. Glue the rectangle to the top of the craft stick.
  17. Use a black Sharpie marker to write the herb name onto the rectangle.
  18. Insert your plant marker into the soil, being careful not to crush any roots along the way.
  19. Place your new garden in a sunny window and remember to water them!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


There are all kinds of ways to make money on the internet these days. One way is to upload blogs posts and photos and stuff like that at a site called . Buzzfuse can help you make money and help you to drive traffic to your blog as well. It all depends on how many people you have in your circle. You can upload blog, photos, music, all kinds of stuff to make money off of to BuzzFuse.

Bear and I learned something today. We learned that when we buy lottery tickets we can buy them for multiple drawings. So we got tickets for the next 3 weeks worth of drawings. Its a good feeling to know that we have tickets for the next 3 weeks worth of drawings and we didn't have to drive all the way to Oklahoma to get them :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Online Casino's

My husband likes to play online casino games.There area lot of online casino's out there to choose from. Its actually a little mind boggling just how many casino's there are out there to choose from. offers incredible bonus offers and promotions.They also offer a $808 Welcome Bonus for new players.You should check out the casino frequently for there latest updates.
to be written

Monday, February 11, 2008

Perfume Bay

I love Perfume. I have to be careful about testing what I wear because there are some perfumes that react with my body chemistry and end up smelling like body oder. There is a website called perfume bay which is about to change its name to Beauty Encounters. On the website they offer discount perfumes for sale. Even discount expensive designer brands.

An idea for Valentines

Its almost valentines day. Its time to start thinking about getting the kids valentines day cards. This brings me back to a memory from grade school. There was a little girl in my class that all of the other little girls loved to get valentines from. Her name was Amanda and everyone loved her. she was small and quiet and sweet. Her mother must have been a stay at home mom because every valentines day this brought valentines made of heart shaped doilies. They were always different made from small medium and large doilies in red foil, white, and shimmering pink. They were beautiful and we all loved them. So if you want to do something your child's classmates will always remember her for think about making her valentines for class this year out of those pretty lacy heart shaped doilies.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Glasses and how badly i need them.

You know I really really need some eyeglasses. I usually wear contact lenses but I couldn't afford new ones last time I needed them and I have since learned to live without them. I have to get a new drivers license this year though and I will have to have them to get it. They won't give it to me otherwise. I recently made a new Great Discovery: Zenni Optical. There definitely the Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical. Where else can you find Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses. not only can you find them for 8 dollars but you can find them in all shapes, styles, and colors.
3302 Plastic Fashion Full-Rim Frame

Saturday, January 26, 2008

EZ Unsecured

Have you ever tried to get a start-up financing for a business before. Its not easy. Especially if you don't have any collateral or time to jump through hoops for the bank. Start up financing can be vital to a small business but banks make them so difficult to get it can be very discouraging to even try to get startup financing. has tried to make this all a little bit easier. There motto is no time no collateral no problem.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


If you ever read this blog you have probably figured out that I advertise on it. I advertise on this blog and on many other blogs as well. Its something I enjoy thoroughly. For the first time in my I am able to make money with something that is really more of a hobby for me. And that of course is blogging. One of the services that allows me to advertise on blogs is called Smorty. Its one of a handful of sites that helps to connect bloggers with advertisers. There are lots of bloggers out there and a lot of people that want to make money on there blogs, but lets face it, were not salespeople. I would never have the guts to approach an advertiser myself but thanks to sites like Smorty I don't have to. They do all of that frightening sales work for me. All I have to do is grab the ads when they come in and write the review, which is the only part I would rather do.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Employment Training

Have you ever thought about working in construction. I've thought about it before. I've known people that did it. They get to work outdoors (sometimes) and they don't have to work during nasty weather (when was the last time you saw construction workers working in the rain). You need employment training to be able to work in construction so you can learn the skills you need. it also helps to have connections in the construction industry to help you secure a job in the field. is a website in which you can get the kind of skills you need to get a job in the construction industry and make some of that good money and reap those good benefits that people working in construction can reap. This site is an excellent resource for employers, employees, and those seeking the share here skills with others as well. Its definitely worth checking out if your interested n the field

Bird Seed Cake

This is a nice way to give your feathered friends some extra food in the winter time. You will need

150 grams of shortening
- 200 grams of birdfood mixture (birdseed, sunflower seeds,
chopped nuts, oats, coconut flakes, raisins, etc...
- two cleaned and dried yogurt cups
- metal hook, ribbon or netting material
- scissors
- ribbon for hanging


1. Heat the shortening in a pot until it just melts. Add the birdfood mixture to the liquid and stir thoroughly.
2. Fill each of the yogurt cups and insert a hook in the center of each cup while the mixture is still wet. The hook will normally hold on its own. You may also choose to use a ribbon for hanging. Just knot one end and insert the knotted end in the wet mixture.... or insert nothing and use a netting material to hold the food cake when solid.
3. Store the cups either outside (if the temperatures are cold enough) or in the refrigerator until the shortening hardens and the mixture is solid.
4. Cut the yogurt cup away from the birdfood cake.
5. Tie a ribbon to the hook and hang on a branch.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Talking on the Phone is a Hobby

I can say without out a doubt that for my son and my daughter talking on the phone is a hobby. Since my step son is home schooled he has a lot of friends online that are in other countries and often wishes he could make international calls, but he can't. I might give him some international calling cards as a gift for his birthday. is a large retailer of phone cards. They have 459 different phone cards from all major vendors. Some of the cards are rechargeable so you can add more minutes to them when you need to. They also have introduced calling cards that offer 3% cash back on every purchase.

Cookie Bouquet

I came across this idea for a cookie bouquet.. I think this would be a fun project to do and to give as a gift.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, surprise your sweetheart with a dozen heart-shaped, long-stem chocolate chip cookies. Wrap florist wire with green florist tape to make the stems. Present the cookies in a waxed paper-lined box. Don't forget the romantic message.

Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies
1/2 cup (125 mL) butter, softened
1/4 cup (50 mL) packed brown sugar
1/2 cup (125 mL) granulated sugar
1 egg
1/4 tsp (1mL) almond extract
1 cup (250 mL) all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp (2 mL) baking soda
1/4 tsp (1 mL) salt
1 cup (250 mL) semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup (125 mL) chopped toasted almonds

Toasting almonds: Bake almonds in 350F (180C) oven for 8 to 10 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool.

Line two baking sheets with parchment paper. Using 3-inch (8 cm) heart-shaped cookie cutter, trace 6 hearts on each sheet in ink, leaving 1 inch (2.5 cm) between hearts. Turn paper, ink side down.

In bowl, using electric mixer, cream together butter and sugars. Beat in egg and almond extract. Combine flour, baking soda and salt; blend into creamed mixture. Stir in chocolate chips and almonds. Using 3 tbsp (45 mL) batter for each cookie, pat batter just inside outline of heart on prepared baking sheets.

Bake one sheet at a time, in 375F (190C) oven for 12 to 15 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool on baking sheet for 5 minutes.

Using cookie cutter, cut out cookies to redefine shape. Transfer to wire rack. Insert cookie stems in bottom of cookies; let cool completely, then arrange in florist box for delivery. (Note: If you decide to use greenery to fill out your bouquet it is recommended that you use artificial stems and leaves, not actual ones from florists and stores as they may have been chemically treated.)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oprah Winfrey

I used to watch Oprah all of the time. I don't anymore but I still admire the woman a great deal. I think most women do. She has written a biography that will be coming out soon. I think most of us who have watched her a lot already know her life story, but I would love to read it written in her own words and I can't wait for the Oprah Winfrey Biography to come out.

Beaded Bracelet Pattern

I love beaded bracelets. They don't have to be made of expensive beads or anything like that. plastic is just fine with me as long as it has some sparkle to it. My favorite bracelet is made of dark and light brown plastic beads as well as copper colored metal ones. Its my favorite. This particular bracelet was described as a beaded holiday bracelet bit u really think you could wear these colors any time of year.

Step one: Cut three lengths of Soft Flex to approximately nine inches. Attach one strand to the center ring of a three-strand rumples sterling silver hook and eye clasp using a 2x2mm crimp tube. For instructions on how to use a crimp tube, please see the Handy Tips section of the Learning Center. String a 4mm Swarovski bronze colored crystal pearl, followed by a 16mm gold pearlized glass nugget and five more bronze pearls. String the strand through a pewter flower multi-strand slide and add another gold pearlized nugget bead. String six Swarovski bronze pearls, passing the wire through another slider and add another nugget bead. Six more bronze pearls, a slider and a nugget, then five bronze pearls, a slider and the last gold pearlized nugget bead. Add a final Swarovski bronze 4mm pearl and crimp to the center ring of the other end of the clasp.

Step two: Attach another strand of wire to one of the side loops of the clasp. String two 16mm hunter green pearlized glass beads, pass the wire through the pewter slide, and add two rust colored pearlized glass nuggets. After each two nuggets, pass the wire through the next slider and alternate colors as you go. After five segments, crimp the wire to the other end of the clasp. Repeat this process on the other side of the bracelet, but begin with the rust colored beads and alternate with the hunter green.

NOTE: This bracelet has an inside diameter of seven and a half inches. If you need to size it differently we recommend not attaching the wire to the clasp until you have it right. Use Bead Stoppers to hold your beads in place as you work. Use the EZ Bracelet Mini – Travel Size to measure the size of your bracelet, remembering that chunky beads like these cannot be properly measured while the piece is lying flat.

Approximate length: 7 ½ inches
Difficulty level: Beginner to intermediate
Estimated time: Under one hour
Approximate cost: Under $30

List of components:
16mm pearlized glass nugget gold (GN-GOLD16, qty 5)
16mm pearlized glass nugget rust (GN-RUST16, qty 10)
16mm pearlized glass nugget hunter green (GN-GRN16, qty 10)
4mm Swarovski pearl bronze (5810-BRZ4, qty 24)
3-strand rumpled sterling hook and eye clasp (ISCL-0057, qty 1)
Pewter flower multi-strand slide (PW-SL03, qty 4)
2x2mm sterling silver crimp tube (SS-CRM2, qty 6)
Soft Flex jewelry wire (SF19-30CL)

Tools used:
Nipper tool (TOOL-101)
Crimper tool (TOOL-100)
Bead Stopper (BEADSTPR)
EZ Bracelet Mini Sizer ( TOOL-148)

24 hour online pharmacy

Don't you hate it when your sick with a nasty cold and you have to drag yourself out of bed to go to the doctors and sit in that waiting room for 30 minutes or longer completely miserable and then turn right around and stand in line waiting at the pharmacy.

How about buying your prescriptions at an online pharmacy. At you can submit your prescription which is then verified by the pharmacist and they have it shipped to you within 24 hours time.

The red heart wreath

I was at hobby lobby buying some enamel paints for my husbands model ship (he likes to build those) and I looked at the valentines stuff and I think I found something puffy to make a puffy heart wreath out of. Those simple Styrofoam heart shapes. They come in all different shapes and sizes and you could cover the in red paint, glitter, or those little red micro beads. Any of those options would look wonderful.

Crafters should Appreciate Art

Crafters should and usually do have an appreciation for arts of all kinds. I know I certianly do. Park West Art Gallery located in Southfield Michigan is home to the largest collection of fine art in the world and conducts many fine art auctions throughout the United States and Canada. I don't have a budget that allows me to buy expensive fine art. I'm lucky if I can afford framed prints for my walls, but I do enjoy looking at fine art and I would love to visit this gallery someday if i am ever able to make it to Michigan.

Forcing Spring Bulbs

Inducing bulbs to bloom when you want them to, rather than when they normally do, is known as forcing. In late summer, most bulbs are dormant with little if any active root growth and no shoot growth. As soil temperatures cool, the bulbs begin root growth, which continues until the temperatures become very cold. Shoot growth begins in the spring as temperatures begin to rise, and is followed soon after by flowering. After bloom, foliage continues photosynthesis and replenishes food stores in the bulbs. As foliage begins to die back, the bulb returns to a dormant state and the cycle is ready to begin again. Forcing is simply manipulating this cycle.

The most common choices are hyacinths, tulips, narcissus, grape hyacinths and crocuses. Can you imagine some beautiful hyacinths blooming and fragrant on your dinning room table or coffee table. Most bulbs are forced in a shallow container of water using pebbles for support. When planting the bulbs they don't have to be completely covered. The tops can be exposed and I think doing so gives them an artsy kind of look. All of the spring-blooming bulbs, with the exception of Paperwhite narcissus, must have a cold period of at least three months to initiate bloom. You can achieve this by sticking your bulbs in the refrigerator or if the temperature is cold enough outside store them in a cold basement or garage. I don't recommend putting them in the freezer.

Far Far Away.

I live 20 minutes from town. I like being this far out. I love country living. I love raising flowers and vegetable s and fruits and I love all of my cats and dogs and the fact that no one can tell me to keep them in. You could call country living a hobby of mine. It means I have privacy and I don't have to worry about progress making its way out here. There are problems with living out this far. The biggest one being that your far from everything, including a pharmacy. It is such a pain to have to run into town to fill a prescription or get something from the drug store for a headache. Thats why i like to us an online pharmacy. I can get what ever I need from them in the mail and I just have to make that short . . . OK not so short walk to my mailbox. With you can have your prescription within 24 hours because they overnight the delivery to you.

Puffy Red Heart Wreath

Valentines day is our next up and coming holiday and this is one of the few holidays I have never decorated for. I have found myself envisioning a bright colored wreath standing out in the dreary gray of winter on my houses front door. I did a search on google looking for an idea I might be able to put to use and was really disappointed by what I found. There were lots of wooden hearts covering heart shaped wreaths and plenty of heart shaped wreaths covered in tissue paper and with silk roses but this was not what I had in mind. I wanted a round wreath covered in puffy red hearts. I have yet to find a suitable kind of heart to cover my wreaths with. Making individual hearts would take an eternity. I guess for now I will just have to keep looking.

Monday, January 7, 2008

In the Spirit of Things

I am kind of a new age nut and I love to shop at Metaphysical Stores. I do this because I know I am bound to find something that I like. An example of this is the Cherub Moon Planter I found at The Spiritual Sites like this one also have really cool desktop our counter top fountains and I think I might like to have one of those to go in my office again. Our Koi pond is so far away from this end of the house that I can't hear it at all. They have this Zen wind chime fountain on there thats really kind of cool. There is a wind chime in the middle of the fountain and the water pours over the chimes. I'm not sure if the chimes would actually make any noise because there is water pouring over them but its still a neat idea.

i got a sewing machine for Christmas

I got a sewing machine for Christmas, Yay me. So far all I have had time to make is a pair of work out pants that my husband says are to loose and baggy to be used for that. I beg to differ, plus I know perfectly well that there going to shrink after I wash them. Next on the list of things to do is a handkerchief skirt. Those are simple and attractive and just the sort of thing I love to wear and can never find for sale.

If anyone else knows of any online patterns please let me know.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

People who stay in debt as a hobby

Staying in debt is a hobby to some people. My husband used to be one of those people. It seemed to me that even though he had the money to pay his bills on time he felt more comfortable paying them late. I have no explanation for this. I guess its just a Bear thing. As far as I know he has never used a payday loan service while married to me. I would kill him if he did because they charge such high interest rates on there loans. I hope to never be in a position where I have to use them.

Sometimes a person has no choice when it comes to using one of these service. Sometimes they just have a lot of bad luck and find themselves without any kind of savings and behind on your bills and you don't want to get your power shut off in January do you, or your gas for that matter.

Blogging is a Hobby

Blogging is a hobby for a lot of people. There are several hundred thousands of blogs all over the internet and the number grows every single day. People blog for different reasons. some of them simply like to write, like myself, and like the idea of someone else reading it. Others are just looking for attention they wouldn't get otherwise. Still others just want to talk about there lives and like the idea of someone else reading there words and being entertained by them. I blog for a lot of reasons. I always dreamed of being a writer and this gives me a chance to get what I'm writing read. Another reason is because I like people to read about my life. Another reason is because I know a lot about certain subjects and I think this information would be useful to others.

Some people are lucky enough to get paid to blog. There are a number of ways to do this from what I understand. One of the sites you can do this on is called Smorty. They pay you to write posts about products in your blogs and put links into the blogs.

Moving can be a hobby for some people

I have met some people that seem to make moving into a hobby. My husbands ex wife lived in 15 different states in a 15 month time frame when she took his kids and hit the road. I am a down to earth put my roots down kind of person. I have to have roots. Now those roots do like to pull up and move about every 4 to 8 years. They get bored and want a change. I was was ever able to afford it I would hire a relocation company to move the next time. A relocation company would be able to help me deal with my old house as well as helping to deal with real estate agents and homes for rent if I needed to rent and selling my own real estate

Rebirbished Electronics

Have you ever though of buying refurbished electronics. Its a great way to recycle. I've read about some people that have done this and they say its just like buying a new electronic item. There is a website that sells refurbished HDTV's and Plasma TV's and other big screened TV's as well. You will find items that are factory refurbished, factory closeouts and overstocks, end-of-life, open box and more

My husband is quiting

My husband is trying to quit smoking. I am so proud of him for taking the initiative and trying to quit himself this time instead of quitting because all of us are bitching at him. have you ever tried to get health insurance or life insurance for a smoker. You have to lie about it and tell them that the person doesn't smoke on the policy. Thats the only way to save money on insurance for a smoker. Advantage Term sells all sorts of insurance. They even have cheaper insurance for smokers. They sell all kinds of life insurance as well as health insurance.