Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Far Far Away.

I live 20 minutes from town. I like being this far out. I love country living. I love raising flowers and vegetable s and fruits and I love all of my cats and dogs and the fact that no one can tell me to keep them in. You could call country living a hobby of mine. It means I have privacy and I don't have to worry about progress making its way out here. There are problems with living out this far. The biggest one being that your far from everything, including a pharmacy. It is such a pain to have to run into town to fill a prescription or get something from the drug store for a headache. Thats why i like to us an online pharmacy. I can get what ever I need from them in the mail and I just have to make that short . . . OK not so short walk to my mailbox. With Buy-Pharmacy-Online.com you can have your prescription within 24 hours because they overnight the delivery to you.

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