Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Beaded Bracelet Pattern

I love beaded bracelets. They don't have to be made of expensive beads or anything like that. plastic is just fine with me as long as it has some sparkle to it. My favorite bracelet is made of dark and light brown plastic beads as well as copper colored metal ones. Its my favorite. This particular bracelet was described as a beaded holiday bracelet bit u really think you could wear these colors any time of year.

Step one: Cut three lengths of Soft Flex to approximately nine inches. Attach one strand to the center ring of a three-strand rumples sterling silver hook and eye clasp using a 2x2mm crimp tube. For instructions on how to use a crimp tube, please see the Handy Tips section of the Learning Center. String a 4mm Swarovski bronze colored crystal pearl, followed by a 16mm gold pearlized glass nugget and five more bronze pearls. String the strand through a pewter flower multi-strand slide and add another gold pearlized nugget bead. String six Swarovski bronze pearls, passing the wire through another slider and add another nugget bead. Six more bronze pearls, a slider and a nugget, then five bronze pearls, a slider and the last gold pearlized nugget bead. Add a final Swarovski bronze 4mm pearl and crimp to the center ring of the other end of the clasp.

Step two: Attach another strand of wire to one of the side loops of the clasp. String two 16mm hunter green pearlized glass beads, pass the wire through the pewter slide, and add two rust colored pearlized glass nuggets. After each two nuggets, pass the wire through the next slider and alternate colors as you go. After five segments, crimp the wire to the other end of the clasp. Repeat this process on the other side of the bracelet, but begin with the rust colored beads and alternate with the hunter green.

NOTE: This bracelet has an inside diameter of seven and a half inches. If you need to size it differently we recommend not attaching the wire to the clasp until you have it right. Use Bead Stoppers to hold your beads in place as you work. Use the EZ Bracelet Mini – Travel Size to measure the size of your bracelet, remembering that chunky beads like these cannot be properly measured while the piece is lying flat.

Approximate length: 7 ½ inches
Difficulty level: Beginner to intermediate
Estimated time: Under one hour
Approximate cost: Under $30

List of components:
16mm pearlized glass nugget gold (GN-GOLD16, qty 5)
16mm pearlized glass nugget rust (GN-RUST16, qty 10)
16mm pearlized glass nugget hunter green (GN-GRN16, qty 10)
4mm Swarovski pearl bronze (5810-BRZ4, qty 24)
3-strand rumpled sterling hook and eye clasp (ISCL-0057, qty 1)
Pewter flower multi-strand slide (PW-SL03, qty 4)
2x2mm sterling silver crimp tube (SS-CRM2, qty 6)
Soft Flex jewelry wire (SF19-30CL)

Tools used:
Nipper tool (TOOL-101)
Crimper tool (TOOL-100)
Bead Stopper (BEADSTPR)
EZ Bracelet Mini Sizer ( TOOL-148)

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