Tuesday, January 22, 2008


If you ever read this blog you have probably figured out that I advertise on it. I advertise on this blog and on many other blogs as well. Its something I enjoy thoroughly. For the first time in my I am able to make money with something that is really more of a hobby for me. And that of course is blogging. One of the services that allows me to advertise on blogs is called Smorty. Its one of a handful of sites that helps to connect bloggers with advertisers. There are lots of bloggers out there and a lot of people that want to make money on there blogs, but lets face it, were not salespeople. I would never have the guts to approach an advertiser myself but thanks to sites like Smorty I don't have to. They do all of that frightening sales work for me. All I have to do is grab the ads when they come in and write the review, which is the only part I would rather do.

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