Friday, January 11, 2008

Bird Seed Cake

This is a nice way to give your feathered friends some extra food in the winter time. You will need

150 grams of shortening
- 200 grams of birdfood mixture (birdseed, sunflower seeds,
chopped nuts, oats, coconut flakes, raisins, etc...
- two cleaned and dried yogurt cups
- metal hook, ribbon or netting material
- scissors
- ribbon for hanging


1. Heat the shortening in a pot until it just melts. Add the birdfood mixture to the liquid and stir thoroughly.
2. Fill each of the yogurt cups and insert a hook in the center of each cup while the mixture is still wet. The hook will normally hold on its own. You may also choose to use a ribbon for hanging. Just knot one end and insert the knotted end in the wet mixture.... or insert nothing and use a netting material to hold the food cake when solid.
3. Store the cups either outside (if the temperatures are cold enough) or in the refrigerator until the shortening hardens and the mixture is solid.
4. Cut the yogurt cup away from the birdfood cake.
5. Tie a ribbon to the hook and hang on a branch.

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