Sunday, April 27, 2008

BDU Pants

Do you know what BDU pants are. There similar to the cargo pants and there the same camouflage pants with all of the pockets in them that are worn by the military. I have never worn any of these. Maybe when I get skinny and sexy again I will buy some and wear them. They look to be pretty comfortable and practical. You can find them for sale at
Although this is a craft blog I'm going to write about a movie I saw last night. It was Cloverfield. I still do not feel like I got a decent enough look at the monster plus we have no explanation as far as where the stupid thing came from. We never really figured out for sure what happened to the people that were bitten by those weird parasite things. I hated the ending. Then I read that there making a second one with a different name. Sadly the movie was intriguing enough in a frustrating way to make me want to see the second one.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jump Start!!!!!

Do you like coffee? Do you need a job? If the answer to both is yes then you need to check out You can Jump Start Your Day & Career with itzbig. When you sign up for the site you get a free 5 dollar coffee card and you can search for jobs by location.

Pressing Flowers

Tis the season for pressing flowers. I have seen kits and red about a dozen different methods but for me the best way is still the way its been done for centuries and that's between the pages of a big thick heavy book. Large bulky flowers are best avoided because they will mold after before they dry out. That is also the cease with flowers or plants that are unusually juicy such as most large or thick leaved Sedums.

There is a flower that I have always thought looks the most beautiful when pressed and fortunately it also blooms vigorously throughout the year and that's plain and simple rock roses. These are in the Sedum family and when pressed flat look like stained glass. The retain there bright beautiful colors and there delicate flowers are almost transparent when pressed, at least enough to let the light through. These are annuals and can be found for less than a dollar for 6 pack at most home improvement stores.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Black Professional Website

I ran across this website not to long a with a Calendar of Events -Free membership and post events for Free. for black professionals. Its a great place to schedule meetings, seminars, conferences, trade shows, incentive events, networking, conventions, corporate events and more. Its also a great place to meet other black professionals.

Grow Indian Corn

Its spring time and a time of planting. You should consider growing ornamental corn in your garden for fall decorating if you have the space. Ornamental corn is very hardy and very beautiful and wonderful for use in fall decorating.