Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pressing Flowers

Tis the season for pressing flowers. I have seen kits and red about a dozen different methods but for me the best way is still the way its been done for centuries and that's between the pages of a big thick heavy book. Large bulky flowers are best avoided because they will mold after before they dry out. That is also the cease with flowers or plants that are unusually juicy such as most large or thick leaved Sedums.

There is a flower that I have always thought looks the most beautiful when pressed and fortunately it also blooms vigorously throughout the year and that's plain and simple rock roses. These are in the Sedum family and when pressed flat look like stained glass. The retain there bright beautiful colors and there delicate flowers are almost transparent when pressed, at least enough to let the light through. These are annuals and can be found for less than a dollar for 6 pack at most home improvement stores.

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